Positive Mind workshops

Workshops for people living with HIV who want a new perspective on life

Some of our HIV team in St James' Park, wearing METRO t-shirts with the slogan Insight, Prevention, Support

Are you feeling low, stuck, blocked or stressed out? Join our new workshops for people living with HIV. It’s a six-week course with one workshop each week in Vauxhall.

Exercise your mind and create a positive flow of thoughts that improves your physical and mental health.

Why should you join?

Our workshops are run by HIV and psychological support specialists. The course is a safe, supportive and confidential space to explore issues in your life.

We use an integrative mix of mindfulness, grounding, detaching, emotional resilience, self-management, ACT and CBT. This approach helps improve your self-esteem and can give you new skills to cope with risk-taking, disclosure and stigma.

How to sign up

These workshops are for:

  • People who would like a new perspective on life beyond HIV
  • People struggling with their HIV diagnosis 
  • People who are waiting to be seen by IAPT one to one services or other talking therapies 

Any resident of London who is living with HIV can sign up. We accept new referrals every six weeks.

Call José on 0208 305 5006 or email jose@metrocharity.org.uk.

What happens next

You can expect:

  • A warm welcome to new members
  • A respectful and confidential space
  • A relaxed atmosphere
  • Constructive challenging
  • Friendly staff
  • The choice to be involved or not
  • Awareness of physical and emotional sensations
  • Coping strategies and therapy activities

If you need a confidential chat, staff can be available for a one-to-one session in a separate private space away from the main group. If you feel the workshops aren't right for you, we'll suggest some other services that can help meet your needs.