Sexual Health Needs of Young People in London Borough of Bromley

1 March 2013

In 2011 METRO was commissioned to provide an 18 month research programme to understand the Behaviour, Attitude, Skills and Knowledge of young people in Bromley around contraception and sexual health in three phases. Click on the links below to access the reports.

Phase 1 was a quantitative study of over 1000 young people in a variety of setting throughout the borough and was delivered in 6 months between October and December 2011.

Phase 2 was qualitative study drawing those on young people from phase one that consented to a phone call for follow up. These one to one conversation were motivational in nature and looked to further support young people and make any referrals that were needed.

Phase 3 of the research was quantitative in nature and although didn't engage all the young people of phase one or two, did include over half of the venues previously visited and reached 503 young people.

The results from these reports will be used to influence programmes and activities in Bromley as we further understand the connected relationships between Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes, and the effects that this has on young people's behaviour. 

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