LGBT hate crime

We can help you report incidents, advocate for you and help you get support

A collage of words showing types of hate crime

Hate crime takes many forms. It could be verbal abuse, a physical attack, damage to property, or harassment. It can target you, your family, partners or friends. It can happen online, in the playground, on the sports field, in the street, at your workplace. It can be carried out by people you know, such as neighbours, family members or colleagues.

You don't have to put up with it

If you have experienced hate crime, we are here to help. We offer individual, tailored support, including:

  • Reporting incidents anonymously on your behalf
  • Helping you report incidents to the police
  • Advocating for you with local councils, housing services, police, and other services
  • Helping you find the right support to meet your needs
  • Assisting you to access counselling, social support and more
  • Signposting you to other services to meet your needs

Our service is free and confidential. If you want talk to someone about an incident or a concern, speak to one of our caseworkers on 020 8305 5003 or email us.

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