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Queer Histories and Section 28

25th February 2016

METRO is delighted to be working on an exciting new opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and questioning (LGBTQ) youth in collaboration with Studio Voltaire and The British Film Institute.
Together we invite anyone who identifies as LGBTQ aged between 16-25 to be part of a filmmaking project that takes the 'invasion' of a broadcast of the six o'clock news in 1988 by four lesbians protesting against Section 28 as a starting point.

We will meet, visit archives, watch films and carry out graphic design and filmmaking workshops. This will lead up to a three day workshop at London's Lesbian and Gay Film Festival FLARE and the production of a new film.

We'll look at what the 'invasion' meant as a protest against a law that prohibited local authorities in England and Wales from "promoting" homosexuality and that labelled gay family relationships as "pretend".
Also how are we affected by representations of ourselves in the media?


  • 27th and 28th February 2016 (all day): Out of the Archives and onto the Streets: A textual and typographic workshop using archival material produced as a result of section 28. The workshop will seek to create and explore new visual interpretations of the material to understand and interpret the law and its legacy. With Ed Webb-Ingall and Rosie Eveleigh.
  • 18th, 19th and 20th March 2016 (all day): Three day film making workshop with artists and filmmakers at the British Film Institute.

What will I get out of it?

Getting involved is a great opportunity to meet other LGBTQ youth, explore and learn about our histories as well as our lives now. It's also a chance to help educate others on LGBTQ histories and representation. You'll learn new skills from trained professionals working in filmmaking and design. And most importantly of course, have fun doing it.
Food and refreshments will be provided at each of the workshops.

How can I get involved?

Places are limited. To book your place and take part in the project please email or call 020 8305 5004 and ask for Sarah. if you already attend one of METRO's youth groups you can pass your details to the youth worker at your group and Sarah will contact you.

The project is commissioned by Studio Voltaire and in collaboration with The British Film Institute.

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Peter- First Point

I felt so relieved to have a named First Point worker who I can call if I need to be referred to a particular service.

Abimbola- First Point

It has been a long time since I felt that someone actually listened to me.

Kwasi - Mentoring

During the 6 month programme, I developed a close relationship with my mentor. Knowing that I would have to talk to him honestly about what I did in the previous 2 weeks somehow forced me to be safe every time I had an encounter.

Michael - Counselling

I gained a huge amount of help from the counselling service and would like to thank the service for offering so much support.

Sarah - Counselling

The help and understanding I experienced from everyone I came into contact with whilst using the Metroís services was amazing.

Ebere - First Point

I wish this service was around when I was newly diagnosed. I felt my world had fallen apart around me and I didn't know which way to turn for support. You are offering a very valuable service.

Joe - Mentoring

The programme had such an impact on my life that I decided to come on board as a volunteer mentor!

Simon - Mentoring

By discussing things at such an intimate level with my mentor, I really came face to face with some of the reasons why I was taking chances before.

Joan - First Point

Thank you so much for taking time to listen to me and truly understand how I am feeling. This is the only appointment I've had regarding HIV that didnít feel rushed.

David - Counselling

Outstanding people. Outstanding service. Outstanding counselling. Truly something that has allowed me to turn my life around.

METRO is always looking for talented people of all backgrounds for a variety of interesting roles, as employees and volunteers.
Support comes in many forms, money is one of them! We'd very much appreciate a donation to help us continue our work.