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METRO Charity and Broken Rainbow Join Forces to Keep Vital Helpline Open

26th February 2016

METRO Charity and Broken Rainbow UK are working closely to ensure the UK's LGBT domestic violence helpline stays open.

Broken Rainbow was facing closure whilst awaiting confirmation from the Home Office on the extension of their core grant. METRO Charity has been able to provide a time limited support package ensuring that this vital national helpline will continue to take calls from LGBT people experiencing domestic violence and abuse.

"Our national LGBT domestic violence helpline is at the very core of our service, answering over 5,000 calls each year. This lifeline from METRO Charity means that we can continue to provide this vital service whilst we wait to hear from the Home Office.", Jo Harvey Barringer, CEO, Broken Rainbow UK.

"METRO has seen the harsh impact that austerity is having across the LGBT sector. We are in a position to be able to assist and feel it is our responsibility to help when we can, bringing a cooperative and proactive approach that delivers for the communities we collectively serve.

"We want to see a strong and diverse sector, a sector with a range of grassroots, service providing organisations, committed to addressing same-sex domestic violence, and providing real assistance to people on the ground.", Dr Greg Ussher, CEO, METRO Charity.

METRO Charity provides regional LGBT domestic violence support with an Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA) working in Southwark and Lambeth, complementing the reach of Broken Rainbow's national helpline and regional casework in the north west.

Dr Ussher went on to explain, "We have already seen PACE, the LGBT mental health charity, close its doors this year. We don't want this to become a trend for LGBT services.

"We were however heartened by the collaborative efforts of infrastructure charity LGBT Consortium and charities delivering LGBT mental health services, including METRO, who worked to ensure service users had alternative support in place and that key services were transferred."

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Joe - Mentoring

The programme had such an impact on my life that I decided to come on board as a volunteer mentor!

Sarah - Counselling

The help and understanding I experienced from everyone I came into contact with whilst using the Metroís services was amazing.

Joan - First Point

Thank you so much for taking time to listen to me and truly understand how I am feeling. This is the only appointment I've had regarding HIV that didnít feel rushed.

Abimbola- First Point

It has been a long time since I felt that someone actually listened to me.

Peter- First Point

I felt so relieved to have a named First Point worker who I can call if I need to be referred to a particular service.

Simon - Mentoring

By discussing things at such an intimate level with my mentor, I really came face to face with some of the reasons why I was taking chances before.

David - Counselling

Outstanding people. Outstanding service. Outstanding counselling. Truly something that has allowed me to turn my life around.

Ebere - First Point

I wish this service was around when I was newly diagnosed. I felt my world had fallen apart around me and I didn't know which way to turn for support. You are offering a very valuable service.

Michael - Counselling

I gained a huge amount of help from the counselling service and would like to thank the service for offering so much support.

Kwasi - Mentoring

During the 6 month programme, I developed a close relationship with my mentor. Knowing that I would have to talk to him honestly about what I did in the previous 2 weeks somehow forced me to be safe every time I had an encounter.

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