Trans youth support

1-to-1 support for trans, non-binary and gender questioning young people aged 13–25

Current news

The METRO Trans Youth Support Service is funded to provide 1-to-1 support, family events and training until the end of August 2017.

There are links to further resources and information at the bottom of this page.

We regret that the service cannot offer 1-to-1 support to any more young people at this stage.

We are working hard to secure funding for the Trans Youth Support Service beyond September.

At present, we know we will be able to offer some 1-to-1 support to young people across south London only, with referral to a waiting list currently available.

Accessing support

  1. Directly contacting Sabah using the details below
  2. Through your youth group leader
  3. Through your teacher, tutor or another professional

Whichever route you choose will be followed by an initial assessment, which will shape a series of five fortnightly sessions. 

We can talk about

  • Understanding my trans/gender identity
  • Feeling good about myself
  • Bullying and feeling safe
  • Life at home and coming out to family
  • Medical and social transition
  • Employment
  • Education

We can make referrals for

  • Housing or homelessness support
  • Sexual health
  • Sexual violence and domestic abuse support
  • Counselling
  • Advocacy (external referrals)
  • Anything else you might need

What have young people had to say?

“It was a free safe space, different from CAMHS, there was no judgement. It felt natural, like I could get your opinion on something, thank you!”

“It has been a really positive structure in my life, and I wouldn’t have gone to the GP without these sessions”

Get in touch

For more information contact Sabah our Trans Youth Support Worker by email or calling 020 8305 5004.


For trans, non-binary or questioning youth:

A free resource on everything trans for young people called ‘Knowledge is Power’

Resource masterpost for trans men

Resource masterpost for trans women

Resource masterpost for trans people

Resource masterpost for LGBTQ Muslims

Resource masterpost for coming out (including queer people of colour and disabled queers)

Resource masterpost for genderqueer/non-binary people

Action for Trans Health – national organisation improving trans people’s access to healthcare; check out their small grants giveaways to trans people and the list of trans friendly GPs

UK Trans Info – national organisation focused on improving lives of trans and non-binary people; check out waiting times at GIC and information on changing your name


For schools, colleges or universities:

Trans inclusion schools toolkit by Allsorts Youth Project

ATL Advice guidance sheet for trans and gender questioning young pupils

Guidance for schools on preventing and responding to sexist, sexual and transphobic bullying

Inclusivity: Supporting Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic Trans People by GIRES

Resources for schools by UK Trans Info


For parents, carers and families:

When your child comes out as transgender – Q&A with Sue Chitayi

Parenting and family

A Journey Without a Map by parents and carers of Allsorts Youth Project

London family group with Gendered Intelligence

Medway parents and carers group with MGSD Centre

UK wide family group with Mermaids


Further reading:

Transgender 101

'Trans Britain' - a series of articles and features on The Huffington Post

GLAAD's transgender media programme

Beyond the Binary - online magazine by and for non-binary people in the UK

BGD Press - online magazine by and for queer and trans people of colour around the world