Anti-Bullying Programme

Free and comprehensive anti-HBT bullying programme for primary and secondary schools

Hasina delivering an assembly at a primary school in Croydon

Is your school confident in responding to and preventing HBT bullying? Would you like support to create an inclusive school environment which truly celebrates, includes and understands diversity?

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Why should you join?

We all have a role in preventing and responding to bullying. HBT bullying is common in primary and secondary schools, through the use of language, physical assault and isolation – all of which have a disproportionate impact upon LGBTQ young people’s mental health and wellbeing. This has resulted in 52% of LGBTQ young people self-harming, 42% considering suicide and disengagement from school.

Source: National Youth Chances research

What do we offer?

Your school will receive a free support package, funded by the Government Equalities Office in collaboration with the Department for Education, which can include student support, workshops, resources and staff training.

You'll also be offered staff training in sexual orientation, gender identity, alternative families, tackling HBT bullying and ways to be inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) in your curriculum subjects.

What you'll achieve

  • Reduce the incidence of HBT bullying in primary and secondary schools by changing the culture of how schools respond to HBT bullying in a sustainable way
  • Effectively respond to HBT bullying when it does occur
  • Create an inclusive school environment for ALL pupils, staff and families
  • Increase staff confidence in preventing and tackling HBT bullying

What will change

  • More teachers and non-teaching staff feel confident, supported and capable preventing and tackling HBT bullying
  • More pupils report that they feel confident in reporting HBT bullying, feel more resilient towards bullying, and feel their school is inclusive towards LGBTQ pupils and families
  • Staff, pupils and parents/guardians are engaged, empowered and motivated to reduce HBT bullying
  • More schools have policies and curricula targeted at preventing and tackling HBT bullying

Our training sessions

All staff induction training (90 mins)

  • Provides an overview of different identities, terms and definitions relating to sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Explores methods to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic (HBT) language and bullying
  • Covers inclusive policy and safeguarding LGBTQ young people
  • Prepares staff to make tangible, positive changes in your school

Ambassador training for staff and students (1 hour)

  • Focused on a smaller number of committed staff and/or students to be anti-HBT bully ambassadors in their school community
  • Explores ways to foster acceptance and educate others
  • Empowers student voice and provides the tools to keep students involved in change
  • Provides practical ways to support LGBTQ students in school
  • Fosters confidence in standing up against HBT bullying
  • Assists in planning inclusive curriculum through concrete ideas on how to include LGBTQ identities in lessons

How to sign up

By registering with the project you are committing to a minimum of two training sessions. We can also deliver assemblies/workshops with students, engage with parents, or offer further training.

Schools eligible to register must be in Greenwich, Bexley, Bromley, Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham, Croydon, Kent, Medway or Surrey.

If your school is not already signed up, let us know and we can look at getting you involved in the project. The programme is funded, and therefore free, until the end of 2018.

You can email or call us on 020 8305 5000.

Free training conference

We're hosting a free conference for parents at our Woolwich offices on 16th November 2018. This will be a chance for parents to come together for a series of workshops; support each other, and get information and advice from our team.