Trans youth support

Support for trans, non-binary and gender questioning young people

Young people with METRO at Margate Pride

Accessing support

  1. Email or call 020 8305 5004
  2. Through your youth group leader
  3. Through your teacher, tutor or another professional

Whichever route you choose will be followed by an initial assessment, which will shape a series of five fortnightly sessions. 

We can talk about

  • Understanding my trans/gender identity
  • Feeling good about myself
  • Bullying and feeling safe
  • Life at home and coming out to family
  • Medical and social transition
  • Employment
  • Education

We can make referrals for

  • Housing or homelessness support
  • Sexual health
  • Sexual violence and domestic abuse support
  • Counselling
  • Advocacy (external referrals)
  • Anything else you might need

What have young people had to say?

“It was a free safe space, different from CAMHS, there was no judgement. It felt natural, like I could get your opinion on something, thank you!”

“It has been a really positive structure in my life, and I wouldn’t have gone to the GP without these sessions”

Get in touch

Email or call 020 8305 5004 for more information.


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